Sanita Gangaramani

General Manager & Finance head
+63 9399398955
Based in Makati, Metro Manila 

For the longest time, my career has been with the IT industry. It was a fun journey but I know deep down that management is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing which has motivated me to learn more to be able to do better. After actually finishing my Master’s degree in Management, I finally took a big leap of faith by deciding to let go of my IT job and pursue what I really love doing and try it in Real Estate. It is a new challenge filled with many exciting experiences that I am ready to take up for the success of myself and the company. I have always believed in dreaming big and working hard. I always seek purpose and fulfillment. Looking back made me realize that I wouldn’t have been who I am today and have achieved my accomplishments if I hadn’t dreamt of it. The path from dreams to success does exist for one cannot be a doer if they are not first a dreamer. While away from work, I like to travel to new places, network with new people, and an extraordinary planner, which is great for real estate.