7 Emerging Locations for Real Estate Investing in the Philippines

Investing in the Philippines

It’s a fact that getting into real estate is one of the best choices that you can make. Renting out a house, commercial space, or a condo unit will give you another stream of income to rely on and this will allow you to reach your financial goals in no time. But with so many options to choose from, purchasing the right assets can be a very complicated task.

When it comes to property investing, location will always play a key factor in your success. The condition and price of a home can always be changed but you will never have control over the establishments, highways, and key areas that surround it. Keeping this factor in mind, you may be wondering where to invest in real estate. If you want to make the right purchase, you should start by being aware of the best emerging locations in the Philippines. 

Emerging Locations in the Philippines for Property Investors

1. Bulacan  

A statue of a man standing next to a clock tower in Bulacan

Bulacan is an ideal place to invest in for several reasons. Apart from progressing at a rapid rate, its proximity to Metro Manila has made it an enticing location for both developers and investors. Since it’s situated near the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), the ease of transportation it provides also allows its neighboring cities to experience growth. Now that the area’s trending in the right direction, you should already start looking at different properties in Bulacan.

2. Cavite

A vast piece of land filled with various Real Estate Projects in Cavite

Cavite is another great location that’s favorably near the Metro. Thanks to major highways such as SLEX and Cavitex, the area’s accessibility has allowed it to become one of the fastest-growing locations in the south. With more establishments and real estate projects continuously being introduced, the improving quality of life in this location has convinced many people to get out of the city. Since the value of residential and commercial spaces in this vicinity are expected to rise, purchasing some properties in Cavite is a great option.  

3. Cebu

A big piece of land with houses and buildings all over, surrounded by a body of ocean.

Cebu has always been known as one of the most popular areas in the Philippines. Since the Queen City of the South boasts a rich culture and history, it inevitably became one of the most prosperous locations in the country. Since it has both the convenience of the city and the charm of the province, the demand for properties in this area is constantly on the rise. If you want an investment with high returns, you won’t go wrong by getting residential and commercial properties in Cebu. 

4. Davao City 

A view of the city, with several tall buildings and houses all around.

Similar to Cebu, Davao has become an economic powerhouse for the Philippines. It’s arguably the most urbanized location in Mindanao and its bustling agriculture and manufacturing industries have turned the city into a center of commerce. With infrastructure projects such as the Davao Airport, Mindanao Railway, and Coastal Bypass road entering the picture, it’s expected that the real estate industry of this area will also grow tremendously. 

5. Laguna

A scenic view of greenery, a body of ocean and a mountain range.

Slowly but surely, Laguna has earned its reputation for being the Makati of the South. Just like Cavite, its short distance from Metro Manila has captured the interest of property developers and like-minded investors. Now that cities such as Sta. Rosa host reputable schools, hospitals, and offices, many young families are starting to move to this location. 

Along with being highly urbanized, Laguna’s charm can be attributed to its lush green spaces. It’s located near other weekend destinations such as Tagaytay and Batangas and this allows its residents to go on a quick getaway with ease. Now that lots and residential spaces in this location are highly affordable, you should consider buying a property in Laguna.  

6. Pampanga

Government office in Pampanga with the Philippine flag in front of it.

With a growing middle class and an economy that’s getting richer by the minute, real estate properties in Pampanga shouldn’t fly under your radar. Due to its strategic location, the province has thrived greatly in the past few years. It can be reached via land (NLEX/SCTEX), air (Clark International Airport), or sea, and ongoing developments are expected to hasten the area’s growth. But since Pampanga already hosts a myriad of entertainment establishments such as Casinos, resorts, and more, investing today can already yield high returns.

7. Siargao

Large island with rock formations and boats surrounding it.

The Philippines is known for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. To be more specific, the wonderful beaches it’s home to has given the nation a rich tourism industry. If you love being near the ocean, you can hit two birds with one stone by investing in a beach area.

For starters, Siargao is a great place to look at. It’s surrounded by the wonders of nature and thriving establishments such as Kalipay Beach Resort should tell you that the location’s economy is growing. With that said, living in or having a property rented out in Siargao will prove to be a worthy investment.

Final Takeaways

If you take a close look at the locations above, you’ll notice that all of them share three things in common. First, they have easy accessibility because of their proximity to major transport hubs. Second, key establishments are constantly emerging and are improving the quality of life of their residents. Lastly, they have fast-growing economies that are increasing the demand for residential and commercial spaces.

These three factors should tell you that these areas are heading towards success. As you go on the search for your next big investment, getting a property in any of these locations will likely do wonders for your portfolio.

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