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RE/MAX Gold Philippines provides you with the best tools and real estate training in the Philippines to excel as a real estate broker.

We cover residential, commercial, land and beachfront investment opportunities. We are hiring veteran agents & brokers as well as up and coming superstars.


Are you a broker that’s struggling to make ends meet? Are you working for a brokerage or property developer that isn’t challenging you, nor helping your meet your goals? Or, are you stuck in the corporate world, and thinking about entering the real estate industry?


Perhaps you love the idea of helping other people find and purchase the best piece of property for their family. Join us at RE/MAX Gold Philippines as we prepare you to become a world-class broker or agent. We also provide support to those who wish to take the real estate broker course or real estate agent course.

We started out just like you. It took several years of fumbling around, making mistakes, not knowing who to trust.

After learning the hard way, we decided to create our own brokerage under the wings of the incredible global RE/MAX brand in order to create a business that not only provides a wonderful buying and selling experience, but recruits, trains, and nurtures budding superstar brokers as well!

If real estate is your passion, this program is guaranteed to guide you to success. Contact Us now if you’d like to see if RE/MAX Gold Philippines is next step in your life and financial success

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    2B in sales is no stroke of luck. 

    Nor is adhering to RE/MAX’s strict standards and reputation.

    We’ve built this from the humble beginnings of studying and passing the broker exam, to a successful career in real estate. You can too. Along the way we’ve developed an accelerated training program to get you there fast, avoiding the major pitfalls that we’ve encountered, as well as the infinite wisdom that RE/MAX agents globally have learned on their way to success. We’ve even had the opportunity to work with the best brands in the country, including the prestigious Ayalaland Premier. We’ve seen this business from the inside out.

    Benefits of joining RE/MAX Gold Philippines:

    You are armed with the latest lead generation technology

    We use online advertising, listing platforms, search engine optimization, content marketing, virtual technology, as well as all of the streamlined offline methods for effectively matching qualified buyers with exclusive listings on our site

    We operate virtually. You can be selling anywhere in the Philippines, or selling Philippines property to any Filipino or investor in foreign markets.

    We currently have agents in California in addition to the Philippines. Eventually when safe we’ll re-open the office to hold in-person sales & strategy meetings

    Access to the global RE/MAX network of brokerages, training, events & knowledge

    When you join us, the path is laid out clear in front of you:

    Step 1

    8-Week Program

    We’ll introduce you to the 8-week RE/MAX Gold Philippines training program specific to our brokerage’s methods, lead generation strategies, transaction process and overall keys to selling and investing in real estate. Our goal is to move you to the “Trusted Advisor” stage of selling. This is when real estate investors seek you out with their ideas, and trust your educated advice.

    Step 2

    Global Agent Training

    You’ll join the RE/MAX global agent training & ongoing upskill programs. These cover everything under the sun from laws, technology, industry trends, success stories and more. You’ll network with global successful RE/MAX brokers, and learn from the best.

    Step 3

    Start selling!

    Find buyers, find sellers, see sales through to close, and partake in the flow of leads from our leadgen programs.

    Step 4

    Grow Grow Grow!

    Work towards larger, more sophisticated revenue deals. You’ll be on your way to becoming a top performer!


    Apart from assisting complete beginners in getting licensed and providing the training that completes the CPD units required by the PRC, we also have an exclusive 8-week training framework designed by our Broker-Owner Rose Flores to equip any pursuant to jumpstart their Real Estate Sales career by giving real life applicable knowledge and scenario trainings created to boost your confidence and get the ball rolling within a matter of weeks.

    Our agents subscribe to a monthly desk fee in exchange for all the awesome things we provide and an annual membership fee paid directly to RE/MAX headquarters.

    Unlike other brokerages who solely depend on Agent’s finding their own leads, we help our agents with our lead generation program we device advanced marketing strategies that generate prospects (buyers/sellers) which we then rotate amongst our roster.

    Our support team is composed of full-time employees that cater to the common goal of providing our agents all the tools and assistance they need in closing their transactions. Our mission/ vision is circled around our Real Estate agents , created to allow them to focus majority of their time to selling rather than other relevant departments that require expertise such as administrative and marketing tasks.

    Before the official 8-week framework internal training we provide commences, you will be briefed and familiarized on company processes and given access to our operations through an official email address we will create for you.

    Aside from a team of specialists, our Broker-Owner will personally train, assist, and monitor your performance. We truly believe that mentorship is key to this business which we apply in our model.

    Given the current situation of the pandemic, our operations are run majorly virtual. We also provide effectively proven materials to help deals close such as business cards, marketing printables such as tarpaulins , brochures and the link. Our current office is used for management purposes but we intend to expand to a fully operational office come 2022.

    The average real estate commission is 50-50 for starters and will increase based on the ladderized program. Our commission tier is based on performance and current status of new entrants. The range can go up to as high as 80-20 split.